LHV Connect API

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allows your bank or business infrastructure to connect with our banking service. A seamless, fast, and secure solution which enables you to execute, reconcile your payments and an overview of your accounts in real-time, helping you to scale your payment process as you grow. Using our Connect API is free.

Fast processing of incoming and outgoing transactions

LHV Connect is a good fit if you need a real-time overview on the incoming and outgoing payments moving through your accounts to be processed quickly in your back end or ERP systems.

Convenient real-time payments

Benefit from the convenience of using LHV Connect for all your payments. As a user of this service it is not necessary to export and import payments from one interface and format to another, instead you can push them to the bank directly and reconcile instantly. You can instruct single and bulk payments to provide an end to end real-time payment experience in multiple currencies and payment networks. We support all our numerous integrated payments schemes using a single simple request structure - including SEPA, SEPA Instant, Faster Payments, SWIFT and the list is growing.

Virtual accounts and Agency banking

We offer different simple models for creating Virtual accounts for your customers and their payments - as and LHV customer or now also with Indirect membership or Agency banking features using your own UK Sort Code or BIC for SEPA payments.

Detailed Acquiring reporting

LHV Connect provides fully detailed acquiring report to get an overview of all the card transactions with details of settlement and related costs per transaction.

Technical prerequisites

If you would like to develop your own software in order to be able to use Connect, please examine the technical documentation.

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